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We began our business in 2003 and in 2013 went under some major changes. After 10 years of running a bricks and motar shop we have decided to slow things down and go online. So now you will be able to get the same great service all from the comfort of your own lounge room.  🙂


We started out at weekend craft markets in 2003, then moved to a permanent site in a market close to the city of Adelaide, The Brickworks Market. We steamed ahead and soon found a need to open a shop front a bit closer to home in O’Halloran Hill. Having absolutely no experience in the small business field we plundered along growing ever so rapidly. We moved after 12 months to a shop in Old Reynella and 12 months after that moved to a larger shop within the same shopping centre. Then the GFC hit, business was extremely tough and we were paying heavily in the rent area, so decided to think outside the square a little, sold our home in Woodcroft and bought a home in McLaren Flat that easily housed both the hanger and fabric businesses. Surrounded by vineyards, wineries, eateries and the best scenery you could hope for, living and working in the foothills and still only minutes from the beach we have found our little piece of heaven. As Darren was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two days prior to opening our O’Halloran Hill shop our ‘little piece of heaven’, which was on just ove 1/2 an acre became way too much for me to handle physically on my own and the decision was made (on health grounds) that it was time to pull back and focus on being healthy and happy. Having lived in McLaren Flat for 5 years we sold the property and bought a home in Loxton, South Australia. Loxton is nestled along the Murray River, has a population of just over 3,500 people and is truly heaven to live in. Only 3 hours from Adelaide and just under 2 hours from Mildura, meaning we are close to both families we have never been happier.

Darren grew up in a small town in the Mallee called Murrayville, only a few kilometres passed the South Australian border. He is one of 5 boys who were raised on a wheat and sheep farm a few kilometres out of town. Murrayville is about a 3 hour drive from Adelaide. 

I on the other hand, was born in Adelaide but spent my early years in the then ‘county’ town of Mt. Gambier in the South East of South Australia. In the early 1970’s my mother and I moved to Adelaide hoping for better job opportunities once I left school.

After the birth of my eldset daughter, Lauren, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Lauren was just 5 weeks old at the time. Not a great start for a young Mum, but during the hours of chemotherapy I took up a craft that was portable and enjoyable. For the next 15 years I was an avid Cross Stitcher. In the early years my only sewing was clothes for my girls Lauren and Brooke and this mainly consisted of stretch sewing, t shirts, track suits and the like.  I began Patchworking quite by accident! Having being diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Anxiety a doctor suggested it would be good for me to find an activity that involved being with others, not just sitting at home working on my stitcheries alone.   So I joined a local community craft group where an array of craft was on offer. Through this group I made some wonderful friends and I tried many crafts. But the one that stuck….was patchwork; be warned, it’s extremely addictive.

I found patchwork to be very therapeutic. I don’t know what it is, but between the patterns,  fabric and the threads there are beautiful women (and men) who genuinely care for one another and combined with tea/coffee and laughter there is no better medicine in life.

If you need something to do – find a patchwork group.

If you need some friends – find a patchwork group.

If you want some extreme fun in your life – find a patchwork group!

There are many gifted patchworkers and quilters out there, many that I am in awe of their work, but a wonderful and truly gifted patchworker once told me, ‘the difference between your work and mine is only 25 years of experience’ ! It’s true and I keep practising every day, I just love it.

Yours in Stitches


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