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Preferable contact is via email so we have your enquiry in writing and emails are checked several times a day.

If you wish to speak to  Sue or Darren  please call us on  (08) 8584 4665 if no answer please leave a message. (Please Note: when reeling off your phone number please speak clearly and slowly)

Sue can be contacted on her mobile number 0439 323 588 (but this may mean that she is at a market and may not be able to immediately help you)

Email sue at.


Snail Mail

6 Busbridge Court


3 thoughts on “Contact Details

  1. Denise armstrong says:

    My name isDenise Armstrong, I have ordered the vintage teddies patterns of BOM. I was wondering can I change it to stitchery teddies BOM

  2. Sue says:

    As in the appliqué version? I No longer do that as a block of the month only as a pattern of the month or full set of patterns. If you wish to switch its fine but it will take another 2 weeks. I had ordered the stitchery and have just received the patterns from the wholesaler so will have to reorder for you.

    Let me know ASAP



  3. Sue says:

    I think I’ve just charged you for the first block of the Stitchery as well. I’ll make a note so that payment can go as a credit onto the next lot of patterns.


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