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Hi Sue

Do you have a quilt hanger that will suit the BOM “Welcome Home in Spring” ?

Thank you



    Hi Pam yes we would. You can look at the styles available on our website. The hangers are measured from the curved end of the wire each end not by the dowel length. You would need 2 quilt pocketsas our larger hangers have a centre hook holding up the dowel so your quilt won’t sag in the middle. The quilt can actually over hang each side of the hanger by an inch or so, so you are better off going for a smaller rather than larger hanger. If the quilt is 130cm wide you could purchase a 120cm wide hanger with no problems. You would place your pockets about an inch in from the edge of the quilt and the edge of the quilt would sit flush up against the hanger so you basically on,y see the quilt and the top decorative part of the hanger.

    We can deliver to Adelaide, it Australia Post will only accept items that are 110cm or smaller in length. If the hanger is longer than this then it would need to go by courier or freight which is no problem, just a bit more expensive. If this is the case you are better off finding a couple of people that want hangers and we send them altogether and you split the cost of freight ( just a suggestion. Through Australia Post it costs around $11 through a freight system you may be as high as $25. It’s not bad but it just adds to the cost of your purchase, which we hate….

    Let me know if I can be of any further help.

    This is a link to one of the more popular hangers, there is a drop down button for you to choose your size and it will then show you the correct price.

    The image in the above link shows the quilt hanger with the wire entering the end of the dowel, once hangers are 80 cm or more is when we add the extra support that I spoke about and the hanger looks similar to this one ( only this is a 70cm and doesn’t that support piece, but it gives you an idea of how the dowel sits in the bracket).
    70cm hanger

    I hope this helps and hasn’t confused you….

    All the best,

    Mallee Country Crafts