Vintage Teddies Quilt BoM sign up 2018 – FIRST INTAKE STARTING JULY

Libby is very proud and excited to be releasing Vintage Teddies.

Libby has been sharing sneak-peeks of the journey while designing her quilt, which will be released over 9 installments through 2018-2019, starting in late Novembert.

The quilt will incorporate appliqué, stitching, different textures, embellishments and machine piecing.

Subscriptions to the program will be limited by supply of fabric so we encourage you to sign up early.

In signing up for this BoM program, you acknowledge that you are committing to the cost of all 9 installments of the fabric and pattern kit, which are priced at $44.00 per installment (includes postage within Australia).

International orders I will have to quote extra for postage, but generally to the USA & CANADA the amount is around $25AU

The fabrics provided will be very similar to those used in Libby’s original quilt. If Libby does choose a current range of fabrics we will purchase these, but to date Libby is using an older range that is no longer available to us.

Included in the BoM program – All ten patterns, all top fabrics, borders & binding.
Embellishments and lace can be purchased as an optional extra.

Patterns only will also be available to sign up for and receive each month for $19.50 (includes postage within Australia)
or for the whole set of patterns including postage $165.00 (within Australia).

If you wish to include the following optional addition in your subscription, please add to your order –

Embellishments and Lace for Vintage Teddies.

This is how the Bom Program will work.
* The price per month is $44.00 includes postage anywhere in Australia.

* The first month will be a double payment and the last month is a credit.
* When you sign up on the website, payment of $5.00 will be processed to secure your spot, in August when your first parcel is ready to be sent your payment will be taken out, minus your $5.00 sign up fee.
This program is a 9 month commitment and no refund will be given.
You will receive pattern 1, background fabric for all your blocks and applique fabrics for pattern 1 and embellishment pack if ordered.
2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, 6th, 7th, 8th MONTH
You will receive a pattern, and applique fabrics for that month.
9th and 10th MONTH
You will receive pattern 9 and 10, applique fabrics, patchwork fabrics and binding for the quilt top.

Credit card payments will be debited around the 25th of each month.

To recap.

Pattern Only each month: $19.50 inc postage in Australia

Pattern set – of 10: $165.00 inc postage in Australia

Bom Pattern and Fabrics: $44.00 inc postage in Australia

Embellishments and Lace: $45.00 when ordered with Bom this includes fob watch, pearls, felt for flowers etc


Your $5.00 sign up fee will be deducted from your 1st installment 

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